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Meet Will: Will applied through Mixed Staffing in 2015 when he was 39 years old, had no experience working, and had 6 serious charges on his record. After being incarcerated for 20 years, we met him in the spring of 2015, got to know him, and heard his story. We hired Will as a Construction General Laborer. Within 4 short months, Will was no longer a temporary employee and was hired-in directly. Will is doing great and still actively employed with the same company today. At Mixed Staffing, we believe in 2nd chances, and we believe in people like Will.

Meet Will: Will applied in 2015, had no experience working, and had 6 serious charges on his record. He was in prison for 20 years, after learning about Will we hired him, and within 4 short months, he was hired-in directly. Will is doing great and still actively employed with the same company today.

What Our Employee’s Say….

I approached Mixed Staffing with a open mind in hopes to find employment, however I walked away with much more. I have never worked with a staffing company take the time to explain how they can help me and care to follow through with their commitments.   Sara Sherry and the Mixed Team gave me the opportunity and chance to find a job, I will be forever grateful for this.
John G., Injection Molding
Mixed gave me a 5-year jump on my career by finding me a position I did not think that I could get with my level of experience.  It was the perfect fit for my skills and I thank Mixed for matching me up with this position.  Because of Mixed, I now have a full-time position with the company, have been inspired to return to school and look forward to a bright future in a career that I truly enjoy.
Closeup of a business handshakeJohn B., Research and Development
I love how they take their time and call or text you to see how your job and interview is going or how it went. It makes me feel important and valued.
Areika N., Warehouse Worker
I am so impressed with my experience with Mixed Staffing. Everyone has been so kind and genuine, and the amount of effort which you put into preparing your employees for success and sharing constructive knowledge with them is commendable. I have worked in the staffing industry for over 20 years now, and I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a better staffing experience, nor have I been given such quality tools and information right from the start. Thank you for the thought and effort that you clearly put into every day!
Jennifer C., Administrative Assistant
The process with Mixed Staffing was easy, and they worked to find the best fit for me. Adam is the “matchmaker” of the professional world.
Kate Leslie, Client Service Manager
The team at Mixed Staffing were very diligent when finding a position that fit my skills and expertise. They did an amazing job placing me.
Tameka Long, Quality Control Technician
In addition to being completely thorough and professional, in the course of working with Mixed Staffing I achieved a better paying, more appropriate job than I have ever been able to accomplish on my own. Additionally, I found Mixed Staffing to be a company of high integrity that consistently communicated with efficiency. Subsequently, my current position is a direct result of the network I was able to achieve through Mixed Staffing. I would highly recommend Mixed Staffing as a staffing and management firm.
Renee M., Accountant
I enjoyed working with Adam. He was more concerned about the job fit than just filling a position. I appreciated his enthusiasm and dedication.
Roxanna Chappell, Client Services Manager
Mixed Staffing has been an honor to work with, their professionalism and warm hearts has been a great help as a recent graduate from Michigan State University. The Mixed team helped me build my resume, strengthen my interviewing skills and help me hunt for a career. I really appreciate everything they did and I will continue to introduce the Mixed team to my classmates and friends. I will never forget the services I have received from Mixed in my life. defiantly recommend Mixed to my friends.
Robin C., Supply Chain



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